Lots of NEW Magickal Healing Products

Wow, we are already crushing it in 2020! If you haven’t visited our online store recently, you might want to pop in for a look. We now have an entire line of Empath Protection products and have introduced a new Guardian Angel Protection line of products. We’ve also restocked our Magickal Healing Empath Protection Kit, which were sold out. We did raise the price slightly on these kits; but, only to make them eligible for FREE SHIPPING. You actually end up saving quite a few dollars!

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The Empath Protection line includes the healing kits, a new extra powerful anointing oil, a healing balm, a ritual bath soap, bath bomb and bath salts, and a charm bag.

Our new Guardian Angel Protection line includes a healing balm, a ritual bath soap and salts, and a charm bag.

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Plus, we have four NEW Magickal Healing Kits: St. Joseph Sell My Home Kit~ New Home Cleansing Kit~ Self Care/Self Love Kit~ Be My Valentine Love Charm Kit.

All of our new ritual bath products are made with natural and, if available, organic ingredients. Our bath soaps are crafted with goat’s milk, herbs, resins, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils and natural mica coloring.

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Many of our new products are in very limited supplies. Basically, We’re testing the market to see if these products are needed or wanted by all of you. Because of this, I’ve priced them very reasonably. Should we decide to continue selling these products, sizes, prices, and packaging will change. So, you might want to snap them up now.

Next month, we’ll be launching more new products, including decorative healing charm bottles, soy candles and crystal healing bracelets. Be sure to pop into the store all month long for special sales and new product launches.

As always, we wish you much success in your healing journey.



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